Ontario Association of Naturopathic Doctors  (OAND) is a voluntary professional association committed to providing leadership, advocacy and support for the naturopathic profession and its practitioners in Ontario. Today, with more than half a century of experience under our belts, the association proudly represents Ontario’s largest community of licensed naturopathic doctors.

OAND is a dynamic association, representing a diverse community of naturopathic doctors, corporate partners and students of naturopathic medicine committed to championing naturopathic medicine as an alternative option for primary health care in Ontario. Learn more about the association and how OAND is supporting naturopathic doctors as both valued and vital partners in Ontario’s healthcare system.

Membership in OAND is available through three unique membership opportunities each offering exclusive programs, services, and access to the largest community of naturopathic professionals in Ontario:

  • Professional Membership – available to naturopathic doctors who are registered/licensed in the province of Ontario (plus Associate membership for non-practicing NDs or NDs registered/licensed outside of Ontario).
  • Affiliateship – There shall be affiliates of the Association who shall be entitled to attend membership meetings of the Association, receive newsletters, participate in committees of the Association at the invitation of OAND, but who do not constitute members of the Association and who do not have a vote at membership meetings.

Classes of affiliates currently include the following, which may be added to by resolution of the Board:
Student Affiliates – persons enrolled on a full-time basis at a school of naturopathic medicine recognized by the Council on Naturopathic Medical Education or a successor organization, and those who have graduated but are not yet registered as a Naturopathic Doctor with CONO.

Student affiliateship shall expire on January 1 of the year following graduation. Special permission may be granted to extend affiliateship in extenuating circumstances upon application in writing to the OAND and agreement by the OAND Board.

Non-Ontario Naturopathic Doctor Affiliates – persons who are licensed or registered as Naturopathic Doctors in a jurisdiction other than Ontario.

Honorary Affiliates – persons other than Naturopathic Doctors who distinguish themselves in service to the Association and commitment to the objectives for which the Association is formed.

Supporting Affiliates – organizations that distinguish themselves in service to the Association and/or commitment to the objectives for which the Association is formed.

 Retired Affiliate – A retired ND (not working as a ND), who is 65+ years of age and has been a member of OAND for 10 years preceding their retirement.

Admission of Affiliates

The affiliates of the Association shall be those persons/organizations who are from time to time admitted as affiliates by resolution of the Board.  Affiliates need to be committed to and comply with the objectives of the Association, By-Laws and Articles. All affiliateships expire on December 31.

The helpful staff at OAND are here to assist you.  We are happy to answer any questions you may have!