IVIT Certification Course

The IVIT Certification Course is designed to ensure Naturopathic Doctors have the competency to both safely and effectively compound sterile products for intravenous administration, obtain vascular access, and administer intravenous infusion therapeutics to patients under their care. Both lecture-style and hands-on practice in vascular access and sterile compounding are included. To pass this course, participants must attend all 5 course dates in person, in full; successfully complete 10 vascular insertions; successfully complete osmolarity exercises. To become IVIT-Certified, you must pass this course AND CONO’s IVIT Exam.

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IVIT Refresher Courses

Our popular IVIT Refresher Courses are back! These three, one-day courses are designed for two groups. One, Naturopathic Doctors who are already IVIT-certified and wish to refresh their knowledge and get IVIT CE credits. Second, Naturopathic Doctors who have taken a previous IVIT Certification Course and wish to prepare for the exam. Each refresher course date is one day of the full CONO-approved 5-day IVIT Certification Course, and will ensure that IVIT-certified Naturopathic Doctors have fully refreshed their skills in specific areas, as they relate specifically to the practice of IVIT in Ontario. Each day includes both lecture-style and hands-on components. Check out the content, and pick the date that best suits your ‘refresher’ needs!

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