Integrating Masculinity and Mental Health with Dr. Rigobert Kefferputz, ND

Integrating Masculinity and Mental Health with Dr. Rigobert Kefferputz, ND

07/05/2022 ( 9:00 am EDT - 11:00 am EDT EST)
Dr. Rigobert Kefferputz, ND
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Course Description

As the conversations in our dominant culture begin to shift, an important conversation regarding western or colonial views of masculinity is critical. Often referred to as toxic or destructive in nature, maleness or masculinity has also an inner strength can be expressed in innumerable ways. Exploring the barriers, challenges and strengths within the archetypes can change the conversation and uncover within masculinity the strength to be vulnerable, to ask for help and to self-regulate in constructive ways. This presentation dives into the zeitgeist of masculinity; addressing core beliefs, testosterone function, coping mechanisms, male archetypes, and boy psychology. These conversations assist with understanding and building rapport with your male patients especially when in addressing mental health, sexual dysfunction, and lifestyle compliance. If we want to transform the narrative around masculinity in the dominant western culture, we must first understand it.

CE Credits:
2 Category A Credits

What You Will Learn

  1. Identify and address male archetypes and identity attachments to improve compliance in successfully implementing treatment and lifestyle recommendations.
  2. Understand the implications of adverse childhood events, boundaries and coping mechanisms on the psychogenic experience
  3. Gain awareness how biobehavioral processes may influence ED and Testosterone Function
  4. Incorporate Therapies in the clinical setting to support neuroplasticity and self-regulation in male-identifying clientele.

Dr. Rigobert Kefferputz, ND

Rigobert Kefferputz is a naturopathic doctor but finds himself in many roles; father, husband, founder, advisor, consultant, speaker, coach and chief happiness officer. His life consists of him
using his creativity and presence to leave both himself and others inspired. He implements organizational happiness initiatives within corporations to make room for all the ways people come together to create magic. Rigo has travelled around the world on a barquentine, overcame a stuttering impediment and has an admiration for the courage it takes to tolerate uncertainty and step outside one’s comfort zone. To him, there’s gold in the hidden recesses of our darkness.

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