Culturally Sensitive Diagnostic Tools for NDs

Culturally Sensitive Diagnostic Tools for NDs

01/06/2022 ( 7:00pm EDT - 9:00 PM EDT EST)
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Course Description

This webinar will pull together the resources of the Naturopathic Doctors Dismantling Racism group to discuss the importance of using cultural sensitivity when selecting and interpreting
diagnostic tests, algorithms, and diagnostic tools in naturopathic practice.

CE Credits:
2 Category A Credits

What You Will Learn

  1. Understand the importance of implementing cultural sensitivity in naturopathic medicine diagnostics.
  2. Review current practice tools naturopathic doctors may currently be using that may not be culturally sensitive and how this can negatively impact patients who have experienced racism.
  3. Introduce alternative tools and algorithms and how they can benefit people of various cultures.
  4. Provide direction on how to implement these tools

This session will be delivered by a panel of Ontario NDs from the NDs Dismantling Racism Organization.  More details to follow.

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