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Ontario Association of Naturopathic Doctors

Professional Members

Professional Members

Professional Membership

The OAND proudly represents the largest community of naturopathic doctors in Ontario.  As an association, we are committed to improving and increasing services in areas prioritized by our members.  As a professional member, you will support a strong voice for the profession, be an informed and connected part of the ND community in Ontario, and gain access to the support you need to build a more successful practice.

You can now join the OAND quickly and easily online: JOIN NOW!

You can also join by submitting the OAND membership contract as described below.
Please submit the OAND Membership Contract, including your fee category, payment and special status declaration form (if applicable) by mail or fax to the OAND office:

789 Don Mills Road, Suite 603
Toronto, ON  M3C 1T5
Fax: 416-233-2924


Scan and submit membership contract via e-mail at

Membership Forms

2020 Membership Fees

Membership Fee Category Single Payment

(annual dues by cheque or credit card – no admin fee)

12 Monthly Payments

(monthly cheque / credit card payments – includes admin fee)

Auto-Renewal Plan

(ongoing monthly credit card payments – no admin fee)

Active Full-Time Practitioner        $999.00 + HST $1128.87) $88.25 + HST ($99.72) $83.25 + HST ($94.07)
Active Part-Time Practitioner $750.00 + HST ($847.50) $67.50  + HST ($76.27) $62.50 + HST ($70.62)
Active 2nd Year Practitioner $500.04 + HST ($565.05) $46.10 + HST ($52.09) $41.67 + HST ($47.09+)
Active 1st Year Practitioner $252.00 + HST ($284.76) $25.43 + HST ($28.73) $21.00 + HST ($23.73)
Associate Practitioner
ND registered in Ontario, but neither practicing nor employed as a ND for the year in question (e.g. maternity, paternity or sabbatical)
$322.80 + HST ($364.76) $31.33 + HST ($35.40) $26.90 + HST ($30.40)
Affiliateship Fee Category Single Payment 12 Monthly Payments Auto-Renewal Plan
Non-Ontario Practitioner

ND who is licensed or registered in a jurisdiction other than Ontario

$322.80 + HST ($364.76) $31.33 + HST ($35.40) $29.60 + HST ($30.40)
Retired Practitioner

A retired ND (not working as a ND), who is 65+ years of age and has been a member of OAND for 10 years preceding their retirement

No Fees Due
Naturopathic Medicine Students

Those enrolled full-time at a recognized school of naturopathic medicine & graduates who are not yet registered as a ND with CONO

No Fees Due
Honorary Affiliates

Non-NDs who distinguish themselves in service to the Association/its objectives.

No Fees Due
Supporting Affiliates

Organizations that distinguish themselves in service to the Association/its objectives.

No Fees Due