Dr. Yousuf Siddiqui, ND


Yousuf’s career in Naturopathic Medicine always envisioned a role within the OAND. As a senior project and program manager for large multi-national organizations, Dr. Siddiqui successfully engaged stakeholders from project inception through execution, utilizing multi-level analysis, effective risk management, and financial reporting.  Dr. Siddiqui is offering his skills to help shift the evolving profession forward with a desire to help lead the OAND, ensuring that advocacy efforts are strategized to represent the needs of the profession.  The advancement in scope, strengthening the role in health care, and working towards applicable regulation, are important to NDs in Ontario.  By bridging relationships with partners, engaging and promoting naturopathic thought leaders, and facilitating conversations that assess the pulse of the profession, the OAND Board can lead our community forward – collectively.