Dr. Lara Armstrong, ND


Lara Armstrong is a licenced naturopathic doctor who has been in private practice for 14 years. She obtained her BSc from the University of Guelph and in 2004 graduated from CCNM in Toronto. She has obtained additional training as a doula and completed the prescribing examination for naturopathic doctors in 2015. Lara maintains a general family practice at the Foot-Knee-Back Total Health Clinic in Ancaster, Ontario. In 2007, Lara started the Menopause/Andropause clinic with Dr. Marianna Switchuk, MD at Monarch Laser and Wellness Centre in Hamilton. This is a clinic that is focused on woman’s health and offers a naturopathic approach to treating menopause and hormone imbalance. It also offers a refreshing approach to health where the conventional model meets alternative medicine, allowing for an integrative approach to health care. In addition to private practice Lara was also a faculty member at the Canadian Therapeutic College from 2005-2010, where she taught microbiology, nutrition, pharmacology and research principles. Lara’s passion is to empower people to manage their own health through education. Understanding what is going on in your body and why is the first step to facilitate the solution to achieving better health. Lara is also driven to give back to her profession and see the profession grow successfully. She is currently active in CCNM’s preceptorship program and will often have naturopathic students shadowing her in her practice. Additionally, she has been involved in a mentoring program with the Michael G. DeGroote School of Medicine at McMaster University, and offers medical students the opportunity to observe her appointments. This is an opportunity to increase awareness of Naturopathic Medicine in the medical community. Lara is pleased to have the opportunity to use her interpersonal skills, clinical experience and engagement in the naturopathic community to support the OAND’s efforts to advance, unite and mobilize the profession.