Dr. Frances Turk


Frances Turk graduated with Honours in Nutrition and Nutraceutical science at Guelph University, with a minor in Dramatic Arts. She then went on to the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine to pursue her dream of being a Naturopathic Doctor. Frances has a strong interest in the community and is always involved in something to assist those in need. Frances was the founder of the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine’s Clown Care Unit, a fun loving troop of clowns that provided comic relief when needed. The unit then morphed into a group called “Funny Bones” and then became an assist for patients with small children that came to the RSNC, to help preoccupy the kids with art and workshops while the patients could receive treatment that they so deserved. Frances was awarded the Community Spirit Award by her peers during her graduation at CCNM, an award she cherishes and holds dear to her heart. Frances’ passion for her patients is to assist them in living healthier lifestyles through nutritional education, but also to empower them to find their healing potentials on their own journey to wellness. Presently, Frances is working towards getting her Guelph clinic ready for the Intravenous Therapy inspections as she has been performing IV therapy to her patients for over 9 years. This process has been very challenging but rewarding as well, as this therapy has been truly remarkable for many of her patients. Frances currently owns two naturopathic clinics in Ontario; one in Guelph and one in Rockwood. She also has a Disk Jockey company that she has run for over 25 years and is still active in working numerous events, as well as race announcing at sporting events all over Canada. Frances is involved in many sports activities such as volleyball, baseball, triathlon and is also a competitive curler. Frances has an endless supply of energy and enthusiasm for her profession and her extracurricular activities, which she loves equally.