Dr. Daniella Remy, ND


As a member of the OAND board, I am committed to being a catalyst for positive change in the Naturopathic profession in Ontario. I strongly believe in representing the voices of Naturopathic students and early-career professionals, and advocating for their needs within the profession.

During my time at CCNM, I actively engaged in advocacy work and promoting positive change, serving as the student representative for two terms, co-chair of professional development for the NMSA for one term, and Student Governor of the NSA for two terms. My extramural contributions, including several publications and high academic achievements, earned me the inaugural Robert Schad Leadership Scholarship and the honor of Valedictorian for the class of 2022.

Beyond my work with the OAND, I am also involved with the World Naturopathic Federation and currently serve as the VP of Research for Shae.ai, a health and wellness app that utilizes evidence-based medicine and artificial intelligence to provide personalized holistic lifestyle recommendations. Alongside starting my private practice, I strive to continue making significant contributions to the Naturopathic community, ensuring that the profession thrives and grows in a positive direction.