Dr. Angela Hanlon, ND


Hi. I’m Dr. Angela, ND. I’ve been a full time registered ND in Ontario since 2008. I stepped into the Chair position in December, and though the position is a challenging one, I’m happy to do it.  I have vision for the profession and for the Association.  We’re registered health care providers in a rapidly evolving world, and the profession needs to be able to evolve just as quickly.  The key to a successful evolution is being sure to maintain the strongest aspects of the profession. Naturopathic medicine has a rich history, and I believe that many of its strengths lie in the old ways.  Technology and naturopathic medical research are strong vehicles to building on those strengths.  We’re lucky to be able to design our practices in our own unique ways, combining the modalities within our scope according to our individual strengths.

The OAND is the Ontario support system for the profession.  I’m blessed with an amazing team of Directors.  While I speak on behalf of the Board of Directors, it’s the Board that makes the decisions. I’m a firm believer in good governance as a key indicator of strength for a group of people, which is why I’ve spent so much of my time helping the OAND’s governance system grow and evolve over the last 7 years that I’ve sat on the Board of Directors.

Angela has been a full-time registered ND in Ontario since 2008.