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Ontario Association of Naturopathic Doctors

Licensed naturopathic doctors require a total of 70 CE credits per 3-year period, comprised of 30 Category A and 40 Category B credits.

Category A:  Core Activities – 30 credits.  These are pre-approved structured learning activities related to the clinical competencies, and within the scope of practice of the profession.

For Category A, one hour of Continuing Education equals one credit.  The 30 credits in Category A include specific requirements:

All members must complete a minimum of three (3) CECs in Jurisprudence. This may be achieved by either attending three hours of Jurisprudence education or completing the Jurisprudence Examination.

Members who have met the Standard of Practice for prescribing must complete six (6) CECs in pharmacology.

Intravenous Infusion Therapy (IVIT)
The College recognizes the importance of competency in the areas of increased risk associated with controlled acts. If you have met the standard of practice for IVIT, you must complete six (6) additional Category A CECs related to IVIT, for a total of 36 CECs in Category A at the end of your three-year cycle.
Category B: Self-Directed Activities – 40 credits.  These are professional development activities of any type and area the member chooses, and do not require pre-approval.

Examples of eligible activities:

  • Serving on a College committee, working group or task force, or on the Council;
  • Serving on the board, committee, working group or task force of a professional association or educational institution;
  • Supervising in a student clinic, providing a preceptorship, or overseeing an externship;
  • Writing and publishing articles or books about naturopathic medicine for any publication in North America;
  • Reviewing professional journals, text books, literature, etc.;
  • Developing and/or delivering courses offered for NDs;
  • Developing and/or delivering information sessions relating to the practice of the profession;
  • Attending educational courses related to business practices or modalities complementary to the practice of the profession.

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