March 31, 2020

Our world has changed. Not just as practitioners, but as global citizens. The OAND is committed as your professional association to provide you with the tools and resources available to guide you through these difficult times. One of these tools is provided by Meghan Walker, ND and the Virtual Practice Tool Kit.

In the last week, in collaboration with community experts, Meghan Walker and her team at Clinician Business Labs have pulled together a FREE Virtual Tool Kit to assist you in immediately transitioning your practice online.

While your environment is filled with uncertainty, the online space has provided each of you as practitioners with an opportunity to continue to serve and operate your businesses.

Addressing the needs of your patients requires swift and strategic action. While many practitioners are eager to step up, many are uncertain about where to start.

The trainings have been pulled together to form a complete course to assist in navigating this pivot. The resources specifically reference the regulatory and marketing matters that are relevant during this evolving global pandemic.

 You can access The Virtual Kit here: With the assistance of industry experts, the Tool Kit covers:

  • Regulatory considerations for moving to telemedicine.
  • Managing the patient experience in the transition online.
  • Immediate strategies for manual practitioners to maintain continuity of care
  • Legal considerations for the transition to telemedicine
  • Marketing strategies in challenging times
  • Tech requirements to immediately transition your practice
  • Mindset series to support practitioners and their patients/clients

As champion of your work, we are pleased to be able to assist in delivering this resource to you.

This information will also be available to OAND Members at on the Members Side under Latest News and Announcements once you log in.

You and your contribution to health matter deeply.

We look forward to continuing to be able to serve alongside you during this challenging time.

The OAND Team