The OAND has been approached by a few companies regarding PPE. After speaking with members and using the “power of our membership”, we have been able to negotiate best prices on this equipment for members. This will be a RUNNING list so please check back often to see new companies/offers being added.

**Please note, it is the responsibility of each member to review any supplier before purchasing. The OAND does not sponsor nor endorse any company. This is list should be considered a resource. This is ONLY a list that we have taken the time to compile.**


PPE Resource List

  1. Top Notch Promotions -NEW! Lower Prices CLICK HERE
  2. MedLee – CLICK HERE
  3. All Promotions (Contact Becky Shaw @ / 519-404-6315) CLICK HERE
  4. PharmacyGo is offering OAND Members 15% off their orders CLICK HERE
  5. EPL Enterprises Wholesale Pricing on PPE Supplies,CLICK HERE
  6. Glasshan Global Trading PPE Supplies, CLICK HERE
  7. NetNit PPE Supplies, CLICK HERE