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Ontario Association of Naturopathic Doctors

Return on Investment

Return on Investment

It’s time to join the OANDntario


• United NDs are stronger together than as individuals

• Membership gives access to the Association team and the resources you need to practice

• Receive volume discounts for programs and services NDs use everyday

PLUS more savings than ever before…

OAND membership also represents real value for money that is more than the cost of membership. If this is surprising, you may not be taking full advantage of your membership.


Why an OAND Membership is Your Best Investment

Costs   Examples of Savings  
2011 Full Membership $1111 Sign up for Autorenewal $60
    Member Advantage Program Savings (MAP):  
  • 30% off $800 in medical supplies from Stevens
  • 50% off $300 in office supplies from Grand & Toy
  • $10 per patient fee waived for lab testing RMA
  • 1/2% discounted Versapay rates plus no $0.25 transaction fee
  • GoodLife Fitness at OAND rate
  • Ledgers Accounting Services
    Free calls to ND Protect Hotline Legal Advice $150
    Insurance savings on clinic, auto, income protection $100+
    4 issues of the PULSE $125
    2011 OAND Convention at Member Rate $268
Total Cost $1111 Total Savings (with the potential for more!) $2194


PLUS, the OAND does much, much more to increase the value of your membership:

  • Insurance Solutions for liability, clinic, income protection, home and auto
  • Member Resources on the OAND website and support from the OAND Team
  • Keeping You Informed on issues affecting the profession through OAND eConnect and more
  • Government Affairs and advocacy to secure full scope and help increase patient visits as primary care providers
  • Public Relations and Promotion to increase awareness of naturopathic medicine and increase patient visits
  • Access to High Quality Continuing Education
  • Staying Connected to the ND community


To get more details on OAND membership benefits including your Return On Investment, visit the member section of the OAND website.


What Else Can the OAND Do?

This is your profession and your association. OAND is committed to being responsive and accountable to our members. Is there something else we can do to increase the value of your membership? Let us know.

Contact Alison Dantas, CEO, at 416-233-2001×223 or