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The Pulse

the Pulse: Call for Submissions (Spring 2015 Issue)
We are pleased to announce our Call for Submissions for the Spring 2015 issue of the Pulse, to be published in March 2015. The 2015 annual theme for both the Pulse and our annual Convention is Maximizing the Power of the Mind in Total Wellness: Mind-Body Medicine, Disease Management and Treatment Alternatives. Each 2015 issue of the Pulse will focus on mind-body health concerns which primarily affect different populations as follows:
Spring: Women
Summer: Pediatric
Fall: Geriatric
Winter: Men

Recognizing the powerful nature of the mind-body connection in naturopathic medicine, we are pleased to accept clinical article proposals on a wide range of topics that touch on how the ‘power of the mind’ can be leveraged to address the total health and wellness of patients. Proposals may be specific to certain ‘diseases’ (i.e.: bi-polar, depression, etc.) or may discuss the mental health aspects of other health issues (i.e.: the mental health effects of having a chronic disease). Proposals may also include aspects of mind-body medicine (using the mind for healing of the total patient), as well as a variety of treatment options (meditation, counseling, etc). We’re also interested in hearing about treatment success of mental health issues utilizing different modalities (i.e.: homeopathy, acupuncture, botanical medicine, TCM, etc.) It is important to ensure that proposals cover relevant and current research, treatment protocols, and case studies wherever applicable. NDs consistently value articles that include practical applications they can use with their patients and demonstrate efficacy in treating patients.

Please ensure that your proposal includes:
• Your bio (make sure to include your designation and experience relevant to article subject)
• List of previous publications (if applicable)
• Abstract of your proposed article, including relevance to issue theme (maximum 250 words)
• List of learning objectives (what will NDs learn by reading your article?)
• Clinical writing sample

Submission Guidelines:
• Please review clinical articles from past issues before submitting
• Articles must be original and previously unpublished
• No author shall be paid for writing an article for the Pulse
• Article subject matter must be clinically relevant, and relevant to the issue theme
• Articles must be non-commercial in nature – product/brand solicitation and promotion are strictly prohibited
• Feature clinical article maximum length: 2000 words
• Secondary clinical article maximum length: 1500 words
To Submit: The proposal submission deadline is Friday January 24, 2015, 5 pm. Late and/or incomplete submissions will not be considered. Send submissions to Anna-Liza Badaloo at or call 416-233-2001 ext. 222 for more information.