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IVIT Inspection Regulations-Update

IVIT Inspection Regulations-Update

The OAND’s submission to tC-CONO regarding their proposed IVIT Inspection Regulations and our CEO’s cover note, which summarizes the key elements of our submission, can be accessed  below.    We  sincerely thank the working group of volunteer ND members who contributed to the submission – Ruth Anne Baron, Michael Frosina, Eric Marsden, Michael Reid, Paul Saunders and Raza Shah, with input from Leigh Arseneau and Iva Lloyd.  We also appreciate the individual comments and insights provided by other ND members during the consultation period.

As next steps, the submissions from stakeholders will be reviewed and finalized by tC-CONO.  We will keep you up-to-date on the process and outcome.

Cover Letter to OAND Submission on TC-CONO proposed IVIT Inspection Regulations

OAND Submission re proposed IVIT Inspection Regs October 2 2014 Final