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Mind-Body Connection and Stress Management

The word “health” is often primarily associated with purely physical health. How we “feel”, though, is ultimately inseparable from what we “think”. Approaching health and well-being from this perspective, mind-body medicine examines thoughts, emotions, and energies in order to better understand a person’s health situation.

The publications in this section emphasize the importance of mental, emotional and spiritual health as a part of overall well-being, some more general and some focusing on naturopathic approaches to stress and anxiety.

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Anxiety Orthomolecular diagnosis and treatment. Jonathan Prousky CCNM Press: 2006
Sigmund & Me
Sigmund & Me A workbook of feelings. Chris Mazzuchin Universal Medical Centre: 2007
Ssshhh: Listen!
Ssshhh: Listen! Natural cures: a workshop for the soul. Chris Mazzuchin Authorhouse: 2008
The Complete Doctor's Stress Solution
The Complete Doctor’s Stress Solution Understanding, treating, and preventing stress and stress-related illnesses. Penny Kendall-Reed & Stephen Reed Robert Rose, Inc: 2004
The Energetics of Health
The Energetics of Health A naturopathic assessment. Iva Lloyd Elsevier: 2009